Ironworker LLC was originally founded to distribute manufacturing and fabrication equipment throughout the United States and currently is distributing throughout Canada and Mexico. The initial product line was the Edwards Ironworker, a machine capable of punching holes through iron, shearing iron, notching iron, and bending iron used in an application that uses iron.

Our customer base ranges from heavy manufacturers to artists to schools with technology programs. Ironworker LLC sells equipment to major power plants, commercial construction companies, and automotive manufacturers.

In 2015, Ironworker LLC is expanding to provide the Edwards Ironworker internationally. Our mission statement is "To help our customers reach their fabrication goals through information, tooling and equipment."

Our expansion also will include the following new commercial product lines to be a one-stop solution for our customers who need a variety of industrial tools and equipment and the parts and accessories you need to make your business successful:

To learn how Ironworker LLC can make the difference for your industrial and commercial product needs, don't hesitate to contact us.